things to do before i die

i would just keep listing things which i desire to do someday in life, not doing now may be due to various reasons or due to insufficient resources. whenever i do a thing listed here i would strike it off.

  • climb one of the top ten peaks in the world
  • swim with dolphins
  • drive a F1 car
  • ride a Harley ridden the Iron 883
  • jump from a plane – with a parachute of course
  • bungee jump near death experience
  • spend a night in the jungle got chased by wild elephants
  • ride a distance of 1500km in 24 hrs on a motorbike part of a 1886 kms road trip covered in 30 hrs
  • marry the moon
  • stay at the Burj Al Arab Atlantis, Dubai – at least for a day
  • take a space flight
  • own a Mercedes Benz or a Beemer
  • own a personal sound studio
  • stand on the roof of the tallest building in the world
  • own a 1000+ cc motor bike
  • design my own house
  • go on a world tour – touching at least every continent
  • complete as planned : mission India T.A.G.
  • stay overnight at the Integratron

6 thoughts on “things to do before i die”

  1. Landed on your site with a review about Benelli…. saw your wishlist…
    may god bless you with your dreams coming true

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