i am what i am

well this is a blog about me and … the ever changing … eventful life of mine. i wouldn’t really say that i have been able to pen down everything i have done … and most of it depends on how my mood is when i feel like writing stuff …. if i’m pensive i may be actually spilling abuses out for something or someone … if in a jolly mood it may be all about love n being sane … u are sure to find a mix of emotions all over this blog … i am someone who has seen a lot of ups and downs in life,  sometimes i have cried out, WHY ME? never really understood why? i am someone who is lucky to be loved by someone. i am someone who has seen lot of failures, mostly due to my own doings; i have also spent some days basking in the satisfaction of tiny successes in what i love to do. i love music. i love to eat.  i love the moon. i am someone who cries in the rain so that no one can see me cry. i am someone who has struggled a lot and given up things i love to do for the sake of human emotions. i am someone who has been called a jack of all trades n in fact have been told that am even a master of quite a few … but though it has helped me see through a lot in life … n has also made me pretty popular … i sometimes feel is it worth it ? i am someone who has never lived for myself and i believe that we are born to live for someone else. in short i will jus say I AM WHAT I AM !!! u may like me! u may not! u may choose to even ignore me! can’t do much! can i? sounds like an ad of some footwear company; can’t really help it if they use my punch lines. 🙂

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